How Small Businesses Can Capitalize on Email Marketing

If you are considering starting an email marketing campaign to promote your small business, there are several things you should keep in mind. Email marketing is a tricky tool that, if employed wisely, can really impact your small business’ marketing. With an email, you only have a few seconds to grab a customer’s attention before they move on to the next email in their inbox, so it’s imperative to keep the following tips in mind when developing your email campaign:

  • Create links to click on: You want to drive traffic to your webpage, so the best way to get users there through email marketing is by providing links that they can click on. These links should direct traffic to a landing page or a product page that is relevant to the content they are reading about. Include lots of links in your email and make sure they are clearly meant to be clicked on. This serves as a call to action, and offers a way for you to track conversions.
  • Minimize the number of images: Keep in mind that when you are sending emails with images in them, not everyone will be able to see them. Don’t send one big image as your message, as this could be a wasted attempt. Keep your call to action in text so users with their images turned off will still be able to see your message.

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  • Keep your content short and concise: All of the content of your email should be easy to scan in a few seconds. Users scan emails for keywords and phrases of interest. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, so make them count. Use color and bold text to highlight key points that you know a reader will be interested in.
  • Provide an unsubscribe link: Make it simple for recipients to unsubscribe from your emails. You would rather have a user unsubscribe from your email than flag you as spam. Each spam report counts against your sender reputation. If you get too many, your emails will end up in junk folders instead of inboxes, making it harder and harder to reach your customers.
  • Follow spam laws: Be sure to follow all the rules related to email spam. If you don’t adhere to these regulations, you will find it harder and harder to get your email message to your customers. Your work will wind up in spam folders, never to be read.
  • Send test emails first: You will want to send a test email to several different email providers to see what it looks like from a recipient’s perspective. Emails look different in different email providers’ preview panes, so you will want to test the ones that your customers use. It would be a waste to send an email to your customers only to find out later that your email was broken or unreadable.
  • Use a clean email list: Another reason that you could be flagged as spam is by sending to incorrect or nonexistent email addresses. Remove these addresses from your mailing list to ensure you have the best chances of delivery.

Following these tips will help your small business gain success with its email marketing. You will be able to reach your customers with a crafted message and reap the results of their traffic to your small business website.


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Brian joined the BizIQ team as Director of Marketing and Education in January of 2016. He brings with him over 15 years experience in achievements in sales, marketing, and new business development through B2B and Consumer sales. Brian earned his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2008, and also served as an Adjunct Faculty Instructor for University of Phoenix.
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