Do Small Businesses Really Need a Website?

If your business is a small operation, you may think you don’t necessarily need to have a website—but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. You most certainly do need a website. No matter the size of your business, you will always have customers looking for you online. What happens when they can’t find you? They may think you’ve gone out of business and wind up going to your competitor who does have a website. Not only that, but your website might be the single most important factor in your business showing up in Google’s maps listings. By investing even a small amount in a well designed website, you will be perfectly poised to grow your business and your clientele.

Customers purchase online most often

While brick and mortar stores used to be the only game in town for most shopping, times have changed, and customers are now making the majority of their purchases online. People are buying everything from books to computers to cars and real estate online. They like the comfort of doing this from their home and being able to research a product and company thoroughly before making a decision.

Customers want access to your business information 24/7, and a website provides this information. They want it when they want it, and you have to conform to these demands in order to compete. The doors to your business may close at 5 p.m., but you are still engaging with your customers through a website no matter the time of day. Even global customers can find you at any time of day. Customers rely heavily on the information provided on your website about your small business’ products and services. This is why it is important to provide detailed information about the products and services you offer, so a customer can become better education about your company. When this information is provided, customers can make a buying decision more quickly based on the details you deliver.

Don’t think for a second that your products and services can’t be bought online. If you offer it, people will buy it through your website. There isn’t a product or service that doesn’t lend itself to an online opportunity. You may think your products and services don’t apply, but you might be greatly surprised at the results you will receive if you provide the right information about your business. This is a great way to increase your revenue through additional sales online.

Customers who go to your website to research your small business’ products and services may use this as an opportunity to learn more about your company and what it offers before they make their way to your business in person. You may not see the purchase online, but you will feel the additional traffic to your business as customers do their research and then visit you.


Design your website for a good first impression

Use your website design as an opportunity to impress your customers. Make your website useful, relevant and informative. Customers want to get all the information before they visit you in person, and having a solid web design can speak volumes about your small business’ reputation and quality. Customers will make a decision about your products and services based on the look and feel of your website.

Make sure your website is updated and has a current look. You want to invite customers in and make them want to buy from you. Outdated websites can frustrate a customer, leading them to go to your competitors and buy from them instead.Your small business website will speak to the credibility of your company. Having an outdated website will communicate to your customers that you are not serious about your products and services. A professional website will gain you credibility regarding your products and the quality of your service. This is an easy way to encourage customers to trust you and your business.

A website also gives your business the opportunity to showcase your work. You can provide examples of projects you have completed and display your work online. All of this will bolster the credibility of your business and the reputation of its products and services. A website also allows you to keep your customers informed about what is going on at your business. You can post any announcements, sales, events or special occasions that you don’t want your customers to miss.

Compete with your rivals

With all the tools and techniques available to bring anyone’s webpage to the first page of a Google search, any business can compete. You may not be as big as your competition, but by having a website that is search engine optimized, you can rank right up there with your competitors. Customers looking to buy your products and services will notice the quality of your website and find that you compare favorably with other companies in your industry. The size of your company will not matter to them so much as its quality.
Developing a website that hits the marks for everything a customer is looking for will rack up the sales and traffic. Relevant sites will rank higher in Google search results and could have you coming up higher in keyword searches than your competition, really allowing you to compete more effectively.

Imagine if you didn’t have a website to promote your products and services—how would your customers find you? Most likely, they wouldn’t. They might not ever know you exist and would move right on to your competition for their purchases. Having a website makes you relevant to your customers and informs people about what you offer, where to find you and how to contact you. In other words, a good website provides everything a customer will potentially need to know.

If your small business doesn’t have a website, now is the time to develop one to promote your products and services. This will gain you additional sales and have your customers finding you, rather than your competition. The benefits of having a website for your small business far outweigh the drawbacks. A good marketing service company can help you create a quality website that will strengthen your reputation, inform your customers and allow you to compete with your industry rivals. Don’t lose business because customers can’t find you. Let them find you—and let yourself find them—through your small business website.

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