Keys to Success – Hiring Great Talent

Finding great talent is the pivotal foundation of all recruitment efforts. As we all know however, it is easier said than done. To achieve the best results, BizIQ relies on a multi functional hiring process to make sure that we find the right talent for the right position.

The strategic process begins with a clear understanding of the position and the requirements to fill the position. Next is deciding if specific education is required or how much experience is needed to maximize efficiency in the position. Then research to know what that type of position pays for the description of work and experience or education necessary for the position. Once these factors have been determined, we look to the type of person best suited to fit the position and will fit our company culture.


When seeking great talent, we make sure to be very picky We anticipate spending a good deal of time to find the right person. At times, this last aspect is one of the most daunting because hiring the wrong person will not only cost the company thousands, but will drain the morale of other employees which can lead to high turnover.

BizIQ uses not only the person’s background and education but we also require specific personality assessments to make sure that the person is pre-dispositioned to be happy and succeed in the targeted position. We have found this method to be very effective in finding the right talent for the position.

However, resume’s, education, experience and personality traits are not everything. There are times when you just have a feeling about someone, good or bad. We have learned to listen to that instinct. We have found, it tends to be extremely accurate.

About Machell Searls
As Director of Human Resources and Administration for BizIQ, my responsibilities encompass many aspects within our organization which include HR, Payroll, Benefits, Employee Programs, and Administration. I have over 15 years of experience and keep our company organized and running smoothly. >> LinkedIn

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