Make Marketing Easier—How to Automate Social Media Posts

Is posting on social media sucking the life out of you? Do you feel like you are spending all your time posting on the various social media sites to get the word out about your small business? There are tools available that can make this process a lot faster and easier.

Scheduling posts on Facebook

Using automated social media tools allows you to post on several social media sites at once, exactly when you want posts to appear. One of the most popular is Facebook’s scheduling feature. It is available on business pages and allows you to schedule a post exactly when you want it to appear, down to the minute.

By selecting the arrow next to the publish button, you are taken to a scheduling screen that allows you to choose the date and time of when you want your post to publish. You can select up to six months out, and this will eliminate your having to come back to Facebook daily or weekly to make posts. You can schedule several to appear throughout the six-month time period, allowing you to get a jump start on your social media strategy.


Try these social media automation tools

There are numerous other tools you can use to make your social media less of a headache. For example, try Hootsuite. This tool works with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and allows to you to post to all of these sites at the exact time you want your posts to appear. The Hootsuite dashboard can be accessed from anywhere on any device, and its simple dashboard also offers analytics on how your posts are performing on each social media site.

If you are looking to get your posts to even more followers, Triberr may be exactly what you are looking for as a social media automation tool. While it allows you to post to several social media accounts, it also allows you to share posts for other people. In return, others share your posts, making your social media posts go out to a larger number of people. This is a great way to grow your fan base.

Use Buffer if your marketing strategy requires you to be very active on Twitter. With Buffer, you are able to preload 10 Twitter posts to go out at selected times throughout the day. This is a good way to reach a variety of users at different times of the day. This is helpful for reaching users who are in different time zones, as you will have recent posts no matter what time of the day someone accesses their Twitter account.

A free tool that will help you manage your social media accounts using conditional logic is (If This Then That). Offering 67 channels that can be mixed and matched to make certain actions happen, it looks at “if this happens, then do this” logic to schedule and post to your social media accounts. One of the best things about is that it’s a free tool and offers much more than social media posting.

These tools can certainly make good use of the time you spend publishing to your small business’ social media accounts. Try implementing the one that is right for you and watch your social media interactions grow.

Pro Tip

While automation is a great way to maintain a consistent presence on your business’ social media profiles, it is not a replacement for good old fashioned real time posts. Remember — social media is, by nature, social!

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