4 Email Marketing Essentials

Have you been thinking about getting started with email marketing in your small business?

Email marketing is another way to interact with your customers on a regular basis and to keep them informed of specials, promotions or events going on at your small business. With only a few seconds to grab your reader’s attention with email, here are some tips to help you get your email marketing campaign going—and to get your emails read by your customers:

  • Make signing up easy: When growing your email list, you want to make the signup process as painless as possible. Be sure to make it very visible on your website so it’s always clear where customers should go to subscribe to your emails. Once there, keep the signup form simple. Ask for their name and email address only, as this is easy enough and won’t scare subscribers away.
  • Don’t forget your social media links: With every email that you send, be sure to include links to your social media sites. You want to have readers of your email continue to interact with your business, and what better way than to have them visit your social media sites? Make the links to your sites obvious by using the key social media icons that readers recognize. Don’t forget to cross-promote your email signup with your social media sites by providing a signup page on your social media sites. This is just another way to grow your email list and your fan base on social media.



  • Develop an email schedule: Create a regular schedule to send your emails to your customer base. Be sure not to send too often, which can be bothersome, or too infrequently, which can cause your emails to be overlooked. Find a good mix that makes sense for your small business. Think about the information you will be sending out and how much content you can develop on a regular basis. Do you have enough important information to send each week? Is biweekly better? Choose a schedule that will work for your small business to provide interesting and relevant content to your customers that they will open and read.
  • Make it mobile friendly: With the majority of people using mobile devices as their main source of getting email, you will want to make sure that your email is formatted for easy viewing on mobile devices. Create your email to look good on any device on which a customer might choose to read it. You would hate to have your email deleted because it is hard to read on a smartphone. Before you send your email to your customer list, send test emails and view them on different devices to make sure they look the same no matter where you open them. This will ensure your viewers have the best experience.

Email marketing can be a valuable tool for reaching and informing your customers about what’s going on at your small business. If done right, it can really help to draw customers in and increase your revenue. By using the tips above, you can ensure your email will reach your customers and be opened and read by as many as possible.

brianheadshotAbout Brian Rowland
Brian joined the BizIQ team as Director of Marketing and Education in January of 2016. He brings with him over 15 years experience in achievements in sales, marketing, and new business development through B2B and Consumer sales. Brian earned his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2008, and also served as an Adjunct Faculty Instructor for University of Phoenix.
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