Online Reviews – Set Your Small Business Up for Success

While you are probably doing website optimization to make your small business website appear higher in search engine results, did you know that reviews can also boost your presence on the Internet? Having customers review your small business’ products and services online can help you rank in search engine results and also works to give your business added credibility. After all, online reviews are the new word of mouth!

Add creditability with online reviews

The majority of people use the Internet to research products and services before they make a purchase or visit an establishment. They rely heavily on reviews that are posted on websites such as Google or Yelp. These sites allow customers to post reviews—both negative and positive.

The benefit of having good online reviews for your small business and the products and services it offers is the added credibility it lends to your company. If several people have written favorable reviews after purchasing products or services from you, the people researching these reviews will lean toward also purchasing from you. They want to have the same good experience that they have read about.

Encourage your customers to post reviews about your small business on sites such as Google and Yelp, and watch your sales grow. The more positive information a person can find about your small business and the products and services it offers, the more likely they are to try it themselves. Try to get as many positive reviews as you can. Don’t worry about a few bad reviews, as these will be overlooked if you have a number of positive ones.

More visibility from online reviews

In addition, reviews online can be found through keyword searches on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Just as your website will come up in keyword searches, so will online reviews posted on a variety of sites. This will help to give your small business added visibility and allow more people to find you on the Internet.

One of the nice things about Google is that it lists its online reviews on the right side of the search engine results, along with your company’s information, making it all very visible to users. If you have five reviews, Google gives you a gold star. Rack up more stars with more reviews and customers will see these stars as a way to measure what type of business you are. This is a great way to let customers know you are a trusted business. These gold stars also garner a good portion of click-throughs, which is exactly what you’re looking for to drive traffic to your website.

Look at online reviews as a way to grow your business and its sales. You will reach more potential customers through search engine results, and you will increase the traffic to your website. Online reviews are a great way to create trust, as people tend to place more stock in the opinions of their fellow consumers. Don’t overlook this important aspect of internet marketing. Online reviews are growing in popularity and influencing more and more people’s purchasing decisions every single day. Keep this in mind next time you’re thinking of ways to boost your business’ web presence.

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