A Guide to Marketing to Millennials – From a Millennial

Modern day millennials can be a tough crowd to please, especially in the marketing world.

First off millennials aren’t known for their long attention spans, I should know – I am one! This means that if you don’t catch our attention right away there’s a good chance we’ve already opened up a new tab, changed the channel, swiped the picture or in layman’s terms we have officially moved on.

While it may seem hard to impress us millennials it’s not impossible. You can market to us by getting interactive on social media, a place we’re we are almost always guaranteed to be.

Another way to reach out to millennials is through blogs, believe me we’re all obsessed with these. What makes blogs interesting to us is that they’re more personalized and give off more appeal than your run of the mill marketing campaign. Blogs are also important because they show that there’s a human behind the screen versus a computer generated post that is meant to advertise to the masses.


One thing many people don’t know about millennials is that we’re often misunderstood. It’s not that we don’t want to buy your products, use your services or join your membership, we just have our guard up when it comes to online marketing. We grew up in an age where everything from commercials, videos, radio and internet was shoved down our throat and then flipped upside side down and changed. Because of this constant evolution of the online industry we are weary of “the next big thing”, we know what was popular last week is now old news this week and we don’t have time to keep up with unpopular things. This means in order to keep us interested it’s essential to stay relevant and ahead of the times.

By staying up to date you can guarantee our loyalty. Make posts often so we know that you actually care about staying in touch with us, we want to know you’ve got a solid online presence. Don’t be afraid to overshare and become a trend setter! When you make yourself trendy and we see our friends are following you too there’s more likely a chance we’ll want to participate in whatever you’re promoting.

These are just a few simple tips on how to market to millennials in a rough marketing world!

heidiAbout Heidi Jaenicke

Heidi Jaenicke joined the BizIQ team as Marketing Assistant in June of 2016. With a background in journalism and a passion for small business, Heidi will be a regular contributor to the IQNews blog and social media.

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