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Looks like Google is about to get another face lift! The company is going under the knife by renovating its local map search results with some new policies that will change the way you look up things.

Google has been known for making innovative updates that impact the way we connect with our friends, communicate with coworkers and even the way we run our own business.

The Google Maps results are some of the most coveted rankings a small business can acheive; they’re the three businesses that appear below the map on Google.com following a keyword search. Instead of all three of these listings being the result of your hard won SEO efforts one of them will now be available to the highest bidder.

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One of the positive aspects of this change is that companies who were never able to get into the top three listings on Google now have the opportunity to climb the ladder to the number one ranking. You have to keep in mind now that the number one spot will come at a price. This change will allow customers to see potential products or services they might have never seen.

There’s some resistance to this new Google Maps launch because just like cosmetic surgery, not everyone approves of changing something old into something new.

The downside is that companies who aren’t reliable, dependable or local can snag the top spot in Google Maps simply by paying a fee. This modern switch will bring more responsibilities to the consumers as they’ll have to be more aware of the listings they’re looking up. Google’s change will affect the small business community that hasn’t done anything wrong by dropping them into a lower ranking and giving the top spot to a company that may provide poor products or services.

As the small business digital marketing experts, it’s BIZIQ’s mission to keep our customers informed and tell you what you need to do in order to stay relevant in the digital marketing industry.

With all of these new updates there’s no time like the present to revamp and give your own business a facelift. One way to bring in new customers and to stay relevant is by consistently making social media and blog posts on your company website. Minor nip and tucks that you make to your business will allow for more keyword search results and an online presence through Google maps, places, images and news.

Companies like BIZIQ are focused on implementing programs and staying on track with major web changes like this one so that small businesses don’t get left behind in the dust.

BIZIQ is always available to help if you need any more information. Give us a call at 480-685-9433.

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