How Restaurants can Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Don’t know how to break the ice with your restaurant’s social media marketing?

We’ve got some pointers to help you and your business survive in the digital age. The answer is to stop worrying and start getting social!

Social media is the modern way to stay connected, up to date and involved in the world around us. You can make sure your customers are involved with your restaurant simply by being active on your social media account.

One way to get noticed as a restaurant is by persistently posting interactive pictures. When it comes to posting pictures on your social media get creative with the images you submit. Anyone can snap a photo of their meal and upload it onto their social media but as a small business owner you should think outside the box. Instead of just posting a plain old picture how about posting a picture of fresh food being prepared by your kitchen staff? You can even go above and beyond by producing an instructional recipe video. Posts like these on your social media will not only draw in more online traffic it’ll start a conversation.


Once you have a conversation going on between you and your customers you’ll develop a marketing friendly environment. When you have social media outlets that are engaging your customers will find it easy to continue carrying on the conversation.

Now that you have grown your social media platform and created a large audience, it’s time to do the hardest part of your job; MAINTENANCE!

It’s so difficult to maintain a good social media presence because people need to see that you’re active. There’s nothing worse than finding out that your favorite diner has a social media account that hasn’t had a new post in two years! Not only does this show your customers you’re behind the times it shows that you don’t care about maintaining your social media. Now that’s just embarrassing.

Another idea is to promote contests where customers share images, videos or links about your business using your signature hashtag. This can be as simple as a “Best Selfie Pic” where people take selfie photos outside your business and you have a weekly winner.

Make yourself become more involved with your customers on a personal level with the help of social media marketing. Consistently post relevant posts that relate to trendy topics happening throughout the world and then make a connection to your restaurant!

Just like lots of things in life it’s the little things that count. When you make little changes with your social media marketing for your business you’re bound to have success!

heidiAbout Heidi Jaenicke

Heidi Jaenicke joined the BizIQ team as Marketing Assistant in June of 2016. With a background in journalism and a passion for small business, Heidi will be a regular contributor to the IQNews blog and social media.

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