Outsourcing Essentials – When to Call in the Professionals

As a small business owner, your time is precious. The amount of time you devote to your business can be overwhelming, and in a perfect world you would dedicate as much time as you could to increasing revenue. Unfortunately, however it always seems as though there are loose odds and ends that need to be tied up, and in order to use your time most effectively and to target your energies towards creating a profit, you might want to consider investing in an outside professional to assist with some of your daily tasks. Interns are a great place to start, and you can start by incorporating third parties into the completion for the following duties:

  • Social Media: Keeping up with social media on a regular basis can be a daunting task. It’s an important part of marketing your business and staying engaged with customers, however in the grand scheme of thing it may see minor and unimportant compared to some other tasks you may have at hand. Consider hiring a contractor or professional firm to create a social media strategy for your small business. With some direction from you, they can create content that will spread the message you are trying to deliver about your small business. They are skilled at consistently generating social media content and can construct a strategy that will work for the long term.
  • Marketing: While marketing will help to grow your small business, not every business owner has the time or skills to devote to it. Making sure your business is marketed properly is key to attracting customers, and if you’re concerned you lack marketing expertise or time to do so, outsourcing your marketing needs will both make sure your company is represented properly and give you extra time to focus on sales. Hiring a public relations firm or consultant to oversee what you want to accomplish with your marketing budget could be very beneficial for you, and they can perform an array of marketing tasks including email campaigns, speaking engagements and media inquiriesattracting an audience
  • Payroll: Doing your own payroll can create problems at tax time if you are not properly handling withholdings. Federal, state and local tax laws change often, and if you are not keeping up with the regulations, you can get into trouble. Use a professional accounting firm to handle your payroll. Not only is this an affordable option, it will ensure that you are properly following all rules and regulations and keep you out of hot water if anything goes wrong.
  • Bookkeeping: This is an area that often gets neglected by small business owners who just don’t have the time to keep up with their books. Many times as long as paychecks are being handed out, services are being provided and revenue is coming in, business owners put aside the other small bookkeeping details. Hand this work off to a professional accountant who not only can do it faster, but also more accurately. You will now be privy to critical financial data that will help you run your small business month to month.
  • Administrative Duties: Do you have a lot of projects that you just need someone to organize? A virtual assistant can do this work, which can save you time sitting at the desk and allow you more time out in the field. They can manage your schedule or even make travel arrangements for you. They’re great for dealing with new-hires, technical situations and any other loose ends. They take care of those tasks that you just don’t have time to complete on your own, and can be found by searching online.

By outsourcing some of these tasks that seem to be bogging you down, you will likely find that you now have the time to focus on the parts of your business that increase revenue. In most instances, a professional can do the work better and faster, giving you peace of mind that it is being handled properly.

About Lexi St. Laurent
Lexi joined BizIQ in March of 2015. She brings over eight years of experience in social media, content marketing, and community management to the team, and has a passion for helping small businesses grow through online marketing.
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