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As the daughter of two "serial entrepreneurs", I grew up in and around small businesses and the people who make them tick. There is nothing I love more than seeing business owners achieve their goals, and my experience in the field of digital marketing and social media community management has prepared me to help them do just that. The years I spent managing the online marketing efforts of my family's businesses have taught me that an engaging and optimized online presence is absolutely vital to the success of any business. I am very excited to have the opportunity to help grow the many small and medium sized businesses who entrust their digital marketing efforts to the very capable hands of the team at BizIQ.

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How to Measure Online Marketing Success

One of the most attractive features of marketing a business online is the ease of tracking your return on investment. At least it should be easy. With an endless list of metrics to monitor and key progress indicators (KPI’s) to track, how do you cut through the noise and make sense of what really matters?

Do I Own My Domain Name? Probably Not.

Picture this: Jane Doe from Jane’s Flower Shop calls her project manager here at BizIQ, and she is clearly alarmed. After a disappointing experience with her brother’s friend who is a “web guy” about a year ago, her website janesflowershop.com disappeared from search engine rankings. She’s lost a lot of business because of the drop

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