70% of Online Shoppers Consult Reviews or Ratings Before They Make a Purchase

  • Reviews on a Website can Boost Conversions by up to 20%
  • 92% of People Have More Confidence in Info Found Online Than From a Salesclerk

What are People Saying About Your Business Online?

Almost anywhere you shop online, there’s some sort of product review panel that’s customer driven. People submit their feedback, opinions and insight about products in order to help others like themselves. And, whether they’re good or bad, reviews and ratings serve an integral purpose in driving your website to the top of a search results list.

If you’re lacking in feedback or haven’t garnered the number of positive reviews that you’d hope to see from customers, let BizIQ help! Our experience in building positive Web feedback is unmatched and through our expert services, you’ll begin to see more chatter from satisfied customers on your site.

Not sure how to get the ball rolling when it comes to customer feedback and positive ratings? BizIQ will launch a targeted campaign to get your customers talking:

  • Easy reviewing processes that make it simple for customers to give their feedback.
  • Outreach programs to customers that elicit genuine reviews.
  • Targeted, direct links to prompt reviews from satisfied patrons.

People love to say what’s on their minds and BizIQ can help make it easy for your customers to give you their feedback. Our best practices get the conversation started and our managed services will garner the reviews and ratings of the people who matter most: your happy customers.

When people visit your local business to shop around, one of the first things you want them to notice are your positive reviews. BizIQ’s tactics for building your repertoire are transparent, SEO friendly and genuine, giving you the peace of mind that what people are saying is indeed the truth.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to hear what customers think of your business—enlist the help of BizIQ to help you get the conversation started today!

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