BizIQ Utilizes Sophisticated Technologies to Produce Optimized Websites for Small Businesses

PHOENIX, Ariz. – BizIQ, the Arizona-based web-marketing firm, is proud to showcase a variety of tools and technologies for small business owners to enhance the overall function, ranking and reporting of their websites.
Utilizing complex and robust web optimization tools, aimed at enhancing the visibility of small businesses through Google’s local search results, BizIQ now offers local business owners the ability to garner higher traffic, create a streamlined web interface and view comprehensive reporting results of their traffic.

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BizIQ Creates Affordable, Effective Online Marketing Campaigns for North American Small Businesses

BizIQ, an Arizona-based web-marketing firm, has announced an expansion of its brand and services, allowing small businesses to leverage comprehensive online profiles to gain traction in their local markets.

Offering local marketing services, website development, mobile solutions and optimized content provision, BizIQ is changing the way small businesses compete online. In working with clients across North America, the company has become a standalone expert in local search engine marketing, allowing small business owners to enjoy tools and expertise previously unavailable in a low-cost capacity.

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Local Marketing Provider Wildfire Rebrands to BizIQ

The official rebranding of Wildfire to BizIQ has been announced today. The BizIQ name more accurately represents the online local marketing services that the company provides for small businesses, showcasing business intelligence in a constantly evolving digital world.

The decision to change the company name was born out of a necessity to create a brand that was easy to identify and remember. Numerous U.S. marketing companies go by Wildfire, making the name change necessary to separate the company as a leader in its market. In addition, the transition was important in order to create a unique and memorable brand, to improve brand recognition and increase marketing effectiveness.

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