Google Home Services: Why Small Businesses Need to Pay Attention

As the owner of a small business, you’re obviously strapped for time. If you can’t keep up with all the changes and new products Google has for both users and businesses, you’re not alone. Unless you live in one of the test areas, it’s possible you don’t know about a service Google has been slowly expanding and beta testing in a few select markets, called Google Home Services.Right now Google only offers the program in a few markets, including the

Why What Happened to Snopes Could Happen to Your Small Business

Even if you’re not much for spending time on the internet, if you follow the news, you might have heard of a fact checking website called Depending on where you get your news, how you feel about this fact checking company might be positive or negative. Considering how these days it’s getting harder to tell what’s fake online and what’s real, it’s understandable if you’re not sure if even fact checking companies can be trusted.Conversely, if you spend a

SEO & PPC: The Optimal Partnership for a Digital Age

Online marketing is a system in which there is arguably no such thing as overkill. Certainly, there is more than enough room for discussion and disagreement on what type of strategy is ideal: Which will give you the biggest returns for the least amount of money? Which is better in the short term? What about the long term? Where does the balance between efficiency and effectiveness fall? As with debates over what constitutes the best in desserts (strawberry pie), weight

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