Smart Tools

We have all heard the saying; a craftsman’s work is only as good as his tools. The fact is a craftsman does need good quality tools in order to work accurately but he also needs to possess the skills to use them properly. So like a quality craftsman, we have invested heavily in the right tools and proper training to help us create the best product and results for our customers.

3rd Party Data Providers

Perhaps the most valuable part of our internet marketing services is the ongoing submission of your business information we provide to 3rd party data providers. The question is, what is a “data provider?” A data provider is a company or organization that provides information or data to various sources that can include online business directories, cell phone manufacturers, GPS device manufacturers, and even 411 local information. BizIQ lists all of your current, subscribed data provider accounts so you can see exactly what we are doing to make sure you are listed on every possible digital media source.


Local Listing Fulfillment

Too often, we talk to business owners who are currently paying an internet marketing company to “do their listings” and have no idea what online listings have been updated, or how often. BizIQ updates your marketing dashboard with the online listings that we have claimed and published on your behalf as well as any that have been corrected through the submission of your business information through a 3rd party data provider. A link to each published listing can be viewed, so you can be sure we optimize each individual listing with your correct business details, a keyword rich description, photos, business hours, and more.


Reputation Management

BizIQ feels that helping you with your online reputation goes hand in hand with ranking for keywords in internet search results. Many businesses hire an online marketing company in addition to an online reputation management service to make sure negative reviews are dealt with and they are working towards getting positive reviews. We include complete reputation management tracking and optimizing in all of our internet marketing packages at no additional cost. Your marketing dashboard not only shows you where you have reviews online, but you will also receive notifications by email of any new reviews posted about your business on the internet. A great deal of reputation management services offer reviews on “directories” and claim to do it for you. This is very misleading to small business owners since the only way to get actual client reviews on reputable, well-known business directories like Google+ or Yelp, is to have your clients write the reviews themselves, posting from a 3rd party and distant location could lead to a removal of all reviews. We provide the necessary instructions and even designed printable instructions to pass on to your customers to get positive reviews online. In the event a negative review is detected, your project manager will step in to have the review removed, or compose a custom tailored response.


Keyword Ranking Report

If you have an internet marketing service working to improve your online visibility, you should definitely be aware of which keywords and phrases you are appearing for. We make sure you have a complete keyword ranking report for all major search engines that explains what keywords you appear for, in what position, and on which search engine. This report updates monthly and keeps you informed of your internet marketing progress.


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