Measured Results

We measure all aspects of your online marketing efforts through transparent, easy to read reports that clearly show search engine ranking, visibility, conversions, content reach, and traffic sources. Measuring online results is the only way to fully understand the progress of your online efforts. Measuring the results of your marketing efforts will help you determine our effectiveness and which methods and media are working the best. With our solid intelligence, we can help you plan how to best invest and re-invest your hard earned marketing dollars to grow your business.

Local Search Analytics

BizIQ wants to be sure your business is not only being found more in search results but is being engaged by internet users. Your assigned project manager is required to review your entire local marketing campaign at least every 60 days to share performance analytics reports that show listing views, photo views, social post comments, phone calls, and even requests for directions. We give this information to you and analyze it to see where your campaign is successful, and where we can improve. Your project manager is there for you to turn every progress call into an opportunity to maximize the return on your investment for your internet marketing campaign.

Easy to read Local Search Analytics

Website Traffic Data

A lot of internet marketing companies will gauge performance on “hits” or “visits” without clearly stating what that means, who these “hits” are, or where they are coming from. BizIQ clearly documents all traffic to your website to determine what sources traffic is being generated from, where visitors are coming from, and what they are doing when they visit your website. This data allows us to accurately layout your website and design it to maximize customer conversions.

Website Traffic Data

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