Copywriting and Content Marketing

61% of Consumers Say They Prefer a Company that Delivers Custom Content and are More Likely to Buy From That Company

  • 90% of Customers Say They Find Custom Content Useful
  • 78% of Web Users Believe That a Company with Custom Site Content is Interested in Building a Good Relationship with Them

It’s Time to Start Writing TO Your Customers, Not FOR Them

Giving customers unique information isn’t an easy thing to do these days—chances are, what you’re trying to say already exists on the Internet somewhere. And while it may just seem easier to copy and paste your information, doing so will hurt your SEO ranking and lower the value of your content in the eyes of customers.


Utilizing BizIQ’s Copywriting and Content Marketing Services allows you to form a connection with visitors on your site. With custom content, you’re delivering good information in a unique and appealing way: a factor that will put you ahead of the competition. Our experienced, meticulous team of content writers goes above and beyond to make sure that your site’s content is well-developed, easy to understand and sprinkled with SEO-rich keywords that will help major search engines to recognize the authority that you have to offer Web users.

Giving your site the content boost that it needs is easy with BizIQ. Our Content Marketing Services include:

  • Relevant, optimized monthly blog postings.
  • Keyword-rich website copy with distinct value-adds and calls to action.
  • Press release creation and distribution.

Custom content creation, combined with trusted SEO techniques, makes for one of the strongest optimization tactics that a website can employ. Let BizIQ be your content creation specialists and immerse your customers in a written experience that will have them hanging on every word.

If your website copy doesn’t excite you, then chances are, it’s not exciting to your customers either. BizIQ will help you break the mold and provide copy that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen—learn more about how we can captivate you and your customers today!

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