eCommerce Solutions

Average Annual Ecommerce Sales are Worth $1.298 Trillion Worldwide

  • 4 Million New Online Shoppers Buy From an Ecommerce Site Each Year
  • 86 Million People are now Using Smartphones to Shop Online

Time to Hang the “Open” Sign in the Window of Your Online Store

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s getting harder and harder for people to get out and buy things—a factor that has made ecommerce explode in just a few short years. Today, more consumers are turning to the Internet to find what they’re shopping for and having an optimized ecommerce platform is more important than ever.



Whether you have an existing eCommerce site that just needs improvement or are in search of a brand new site altogether, BizIQ can help. We’ve been around since the beginning of eCommerce and understand what it takes to transform a simple site visit into a quantified sale. Our panel of eCommerce experts will evaluate your site and streamline it into a one-stop shop that’s easy to use and beautiful to browse, not to mention SEO friendly.

BizIQ eCommerce Solutions Services focus on raising your conversion rate through a number of best practices, including:

  • Search engine friendly content that’s clear and concise.
  • Comprehensive, accurate product descriptions.
  • Bountiful add-on opportunities and clear calls to action.
  • Super-fast checkout process with customer information captures.

eCommerce is more than just showing people products and hoping that they buy them—it’s all about creating a relationship with your local online consumers. We’ll help you build a value-added sales approach by instilling confidence in shoppers, making it easy for them to trust you as a seller. And, when the sale is complete, our information capture and retargeting campaigns will help you to keep them coming back for more!

If you’re not selling effectively online, you’re missing out on a growing group of consumers that are centered on convenience. Bring the purchasing power to consumers near you with BizIQ’s eCommerce Solutions Services—we’ll help you make the sale.

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