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93% of Online Experiences Begin With a Search Engine

  • 75% of Online Shoppers Don’t Scroll Past the First Page of Online Search Results
  • 70% of the Links Search Users Click on are Organic

Will You Claim Your Pin on the Worldwide Search Map?

When people search for businesses and services online, they’re creating the largest competition the world has ever seen: literally pitting all relevant businesses against each other. If your business isn’t on the front page of returned search results, chances are, you’re out of the running. Never fear, however—small businesses and local services have an advantage that the big guys just can’t compete with!


Thanks to BizIQ’s local search optimization techniques, your business can easily make its way to the top of the list, where it’s just one click away from an interested customer. The big search engines—Google, City Search, and Bing—display relevant local content on the front page of their search results so that small businesses in Anytown, USA can make an impact in their local areas. BizIQ can get you there. Called the “seven pack,” this section of organic first page results is your golden ticket to more customers and higher conversions.

By claiming local pages, geo-plotting your business on a local map and generating Web content that’s specific to your general locale, BizIQ’s Local Search and Maps services can put you ahead of the pack when it comes to relevant search results. When your small business shows up on the first page, your potential clients can click with confidence and discover what you have to offer near them. Claiming your pin is more than just plotting your business on a map: it’s staking a claim to local customers.

BizIQ’s Local Search and Maps services gives you a vast number of great opportunities to make your name stand out, including:

  • Geo-Plotted Map Location for Google, City Search, and Bing maps.
  • Local Page Data Including Address, Website Link and Phone Numbers.
  • Enhanced Search Presence Through Geo-Tagged Content.
  • GPS Navigation Data.

Make sure your small business website isn’t lost among the names of a thousand other competitors worldwide: let BizIQ streamline the local search process to put you at the front of the pack!

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