Mobile Friendly Website Creation

3 out of 5 People Use Their Smartphone to Find Local Businesses Near Them

  • 200+ Million People Use Mobile Google Maps Each Month
  • 66% of People Will Use Their Smartphone to Make a Purchasing Decision

Put Your Business in the Palm of Their Hand

Smartphones and tablets are the gateway to the world for people on the go—especially people seeking to find businesses, products or services near them. When people search for local businesses on their smartphones, it’s important that the first name they see is yours: BizIQ can help make that happen.

Mobile Web


With locally optimized content, mobile-friendly interfaces and smartphone enhanced macros, BizIQ will turn your local business website into a marketing powerhouse that can’t be ignored. Through our Mobile Search Services, you’ll enjoy features such as:

  • Responsive Web design that automatically adjusts to smartphone and tablet users.
  • Locally optimized content that ensures search engine rankings for mobile browsers.
  • Local business mapping for easy GPS and location services.

Along with having a mobile friendly website, BizIQ will also take the necessary steps to ensure that your business has the proper resources to be search-accessible as well. Locally displayed phone numbers, clickable address maps, and direct-to-you contact forms make mobile search marketing that much more appealing.

BizIQ makes it easy to stake your claim when it comes to mobile search. Your crucial contact information will be easily displayed on a mobile browser, along with maps, reviews, and even pictures, giving your business a face to go with its name.

Your customers aren’t just browsing the Internet from home anymore—it’s time to keep up with the mobile lifestyle and let BizIQ help optimize your local business for mobile searches. Let us help you reach out on a mobile level today!

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