Citation, Profile, & Directory Management

50% of Local Searches Don’t Occur on Search Engines, But on Directories and Apps

  • 60% of Local Businesses Don’t List a Phone Number on Their Website
  • Half of all Web Sales are Lost Due to Lack of Content or Info and Confusing Layouts

What do Customers Know About You and Where are They Getting Their Info?

Keeping track of your reputation is hard enough as it is without having to worry about what information is right, versus misinformation that may be floating around. It’s time to verify your business’ details and take command of your online profile! BizIQ has the tools and resources you need to make sure that potential customers searching for local businesses online are getting facts, not fiction, from a credible source.

Citation Management

Through BizIQ’s Profile, Citation and Directory Management Services, keeping track of your business’ online information is streamlined and effortless. We’ll help you create a snapshot of your business that includes everything potential customers need to know, making it easy for them to get in touch with you. Plus, with directory management services, your business name will be listed everywhere people are looking these days!

When you choose BizIQ’s Profile, Citation, and Directory Management Services, you’re getting an encompassing look at how other people see your business, including:

  • Full business profile that includes services offered, history, business information, special offers and verified contact information.
  • Listing in comprehensive Web directories.
  • Updated citation listings to improve your business reliability.

Your online business profile is made up of crucial information that could make or break a sale. Potential customers rely on Web profiles for local businesses because it allows them to learn more about you before they make the choice to choose your services.

Let BizIQ ensure that your profile sparkles, and all of your information is reliable, accessible and up to date. You’ll stand out from the crowd and when local customers need to know more about your business, you’ll be ready for them. Choose Profile, Citation and Directory Management Services today and get started on building a better reputation!

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