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71% of Social Media Users Say They are More Likely to do Business with a Company They Follow Online

  • 63% of Social Media Users Look for Local Business Info on Facebook
  • Social Media Sites Account for 25% of Time Spent Online by Internet Users

Are You Part of the Social Conversation?

People love to talk, especially online. Whether it’s a Facebook status update or a 140-character Tweet, millions of people around the globe are sharing their likes, dislikes, and opinions through a social media channel every single day. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were talking about you?

Social Media


With BizIQ’s Social Media Services, you can easily make your local business part of the online conversation by giving customers in your area the opportunity to connect with you through their favorite online social outlets. They say that word of mouth advertising is the most valuable tool in a business’ arsenal: here’s where it starts.

Through major social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Foursquare, BizIQ will help you to not only put your name out to the masses, we’ll put momentum behind you as you gather a dedicated local following. Our Social Media Services include:

  • Relevant postings on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • Listing your business info (location, hours, phone number, etc.) on social channels.
  • Claimed check-in and map locations.
  • Website integration of social media channels.

If your potential customers are engaged in social media, then your business should be too! There’s no better way to elicit customer praise, feedback and engagement than immersing your business in a world that’s already being used each and every day by local consumers.

As an added bonus, social media engagement helps you to reach more than just the people looking for your local business—it touches their friends, followers and anyone else who’s paying attention. The return on investment that you get from one Facebook friend, a single re-Tweet or a review on Yelp! goes far beyond just that one interaction.

Social media may seem like an infinite universe that’s easy to get lost in when you’re a small business—let BizIQ be your guide to getting it right.

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