Tracking Analytics

There are 15,429,942 Websites Using Google Analytics to Measure Web Traffic Today

  • 60% of the Top 1000 Websites Worldwide Use Google Analytics to Measure Conversion Traffic
  • 10 Million Businesses use Google Analytics to Track Web Traffic to Their Sites

Do You Know How Your Site Visitors are Behaving?

Knowing what your customers want is half the battle in owning a business. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see what’s working on your website, versus what’s just taking up space? Through expert use of Google Analytics, BizIQ can help you figure out the perfect formula for your online presence and help you to optimize your messaging to fit the perfect model.

Tracking Analytics


Through Google Analytics, BizIQ will help you track all of the variables that a good site needs to keep improving, day after day, including:

  • Overall site visitors and where they’re coming from.
  • Average time spent on your website.
  • Average pages visited and the names of your most popular pages.
  • Keywords associated with your website.

With virtually limitless analytical data, you have the potential to optimize your site in every facet of the word. BizIQ can help! We understand the comprehensive statistics that Google Analytics provides, what they mean to your site and what can be done to use this data to improve your online presence.

Google Analytics also gives your local business insight into your conversion rate, which is one of the most valuable figures a business can have. BizIQ helps you sort out the variables that go into this conversion to deduce what’s working, what’s not and what could be changed to streamline your site for local prospects.

You can’t ride the road to success without a roadmap handy: Google Analytics is your roadmap and BizIQ is your copilot. Let our team of analytical experts put you on the right path to website dominance by assessing data from your site today!

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